nFE 2014 & 2015 Personalization

netFORUM Enterprise profile fields can be used for personalization within Informz mailings. Additionally, personalizations can be used in the subject line and the friendly from in a mailing as long as there is only one netFORUM Enterprise target group for the mailing and as long as the fields are added manually to the subject line.

A personalization field is selected from the Insert Personalization icon on the HTML editor toolbar.

The personalization uses the following code:


Note that personalization data is not stored locally in Informz. Rather, it is retrieved from netFORUM Enterprise just before the mailing is sent (Informz retrieves the data to fill the code from netFORUM Enterprise during the Mailing Send process).

What Personalization Fields are available?

netFORUM Enterprise keeps personalizations separate from target groups. There are approximately 300 fields available for the client to personalize on and Informz retrieves all fields associated with an individual in netFORUM Enterprise.  The file below contains a list of those fields.

nFE Personalizations.xlsx

Informz Default Values

There is a Personalization Default field that allows for a default value if there is no value for a particular subscriber.

How to Modify Personalization Fields

There are three options for changing personalization fields in Informz:

  • Remove from Display.
  • Change the Display Name.
  • Change the Default Value.

Use the following steps to make these changes:

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click List of  Personalization Attributes (also leads to edit). This opens the Attributes list page.  Click the '+' to drop down the list.

Click Edit for the desired personalization field.

Make any changes necessary and click Submit to save.

Make it a Personal Experience!

Personalizing a mailing is quite simple and adds significant value to your communications. Don't be afraid to get creative with personalizing - using the right piece of data can really catch your readers' eyes and help to engage them with your message.