nFE 2014 & 2015 Differences from Informz for netFORUM Enterprise 2013

There are several key differences between the netFORUM Enterprise 2013 and netFORUM Enterprise 2014 & 2015 integrations. If you are transitioning from an early version of netFORUM Enterprise to a later version, you need to be aware of these differences. Let's take a look at the main changes.


Topic Area netFORUM Enterprise 2011 & 2013 netFORUM Enterprise 2014 & 2015
Query Creation in nFE
  • The query builder tool must be used.
  • Query name must start with the text “Informz.”
  • Query cannot have ask at run time parameters.
  • No changes.
Query Result Columns in nFE must include
  • Customer: Primary Email Address.
  • Customer: Customer Record number (cst_recno).
  • Customer: Primary Email Address.
  • Customer: Email Opt Out status.
Unique Identifier
  • Customer: Primary Email Address.
  • Customer: Primary Email Address
  • Customer: Customer key (cst_key)
Personalization Fields
  • Include additional result columns in query.
  • Personalization fields are tied to each target group.
  • Personalization is independent from a target group.
  • Retrieves any non-sensitive personalization information using the <GetQueryDefinition> call via the Abila API.
  • On a nightly basis, Abila updates a mailing list to include anyone with an Email Opt Out status. Daily (5:00 am), Informz makes an xWeb call to get these records. Informz marks these records as unsubscribed in Informz.
  • Informz retrieves the Email Opt Out status via the web service and unsubscribes/resubscribes Individuals appropriately, keeping Informz in sync with nFE in real time.
  • Requires Informz specific child forms to be created during implementation to store writeback activity.
  • Writeback activity is stored in Messaging Activity, a baseline table available to all nFE clients.
  • More activities are now available to be sent back to nFE.
Email Preference Management
  • Recommend that clients include a link to their eWeb form which manages email preferences. Members are required to log in to nFE to update the eWeb form.
  • Informz will now provide the email preference management via IPM
  • Creation of a Data Input Form will occur on the Informz side.
  • Prior to version 2014, Audiences can not be used to create target groups.
  • Audiences can now be used to create target groups, but only based on Individual queries.

Understand the Differences

Remember, when you move from netFORUM Enterprise 2013 to a later version (2014 & 2015), you'll need to adjust to the differences. If you plan on moving to a later version, make sure that your staff are aware of the changes and the benefits that follow! And of course, let your Advisor know as early as possible so that they can help support you through the process.