nFE 2011 & 2013 Target Groups

When you want to create target groups in Informz from netFORUM Enterprise, use the Query Builder Tool in netFORUM Enterprise. Keep in mind the following key points when creating queries:

  • Each query must be saved with “Informz” as the prefix.
  • Each query must contain the customer primary email and customer record number columns.
  • You include additional columns in the query for use as Personalization Fields in Informz.
  • The Target Group Type cannot be edited as it moves from netFORUM Enterprise to Informz.

Creating Queries

In netFORUM Enterprise, navigate to Modules > CRM.

In the left column, click Individuals > Query Individual.

Click the Query Columns tab.

Add the following columns:

  • Customer::Primary E-Mail
  • Customer::Record Number

Additionally, add any other desired columns. These become available as Personalization Fields in Informz.

Click the Query Conditions tab.

Click the Column to Query dropdown list to select the column(s) for your query. Make sure that you add the same columns to the query that you use as search criteria (Query Columns tab).

Click Add to Query.

Enter a name for your query in the Query Name field. As above, it must be preceded by “Informz.” For example, if you created a query of all subscribers from New York, you might name your query “Informz Subscribers from NY.”

Click Save Query.

Click Run Query to see the customers that match the query criteria.

Viewing Queries (Target Groups) in Informz

In Informz, navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click the Folder dropdown list and select netFORUM Dynamic Queries.

The page displays all netFORUM queries with the “Informz” prefix. To refresh the list, click Refresh Target Group List.

Sending to a Target Group

Navigate to the Mailing Designer > Set-Up tab.

Scroll down to the Envelope Heading and click the To field.

Click the Select the Target Group for the entire mailing radio button.

Click the Folder dropdown list and select netFORUM Dynamic Queries.

Click the Target dropdown list and select the desired target group.

Click Update.

Now, when you send the mailing, you’ll send to all subscribers in the selected netFORUM Dynamic Query.

Inquiring Minds…

You might ask yourself, “How many subscribers are in my query and subsequent target group?” No worries! Simply hover over the target group’s Menu icon and click Info. The target group pop-up opens, detailing everything you need to know from subscriber counts to metrics to mailings that involved the selected target group.

Note that counts from netFORUM Enterprise do not always match the counts in Informz. There are several potential reason for this difference:

  • There is an invalid email address in a customer record.
  • A customer record does not contain an email address.
  • A subscriber has been previously unsubscribed from Informz.

If you have any additional questions, or you can’t find an answer in the KnowledgeBase, let your Advisor know. He or she is happy to help!