nFE 2011 & 2013 Personalization

You can use netFORUM Enterprise profile fields for personalization within Informz mailings. Additionally, you can use these personalizations in the Subject Line and Friendly From in mailings (as long as there is only one netFORUM enterprise target group used for the mailing and as long as the fields are added manually to the subject line). The personalization itself is drawn directly from the additional columns included in the netFORUM enterprise query.

To insert a personalization field, click the Insert Personalization icon in the HTML Editor toolbar.

The Insert Personalization Codes window opens. Click the Select a Personalization Type dropdown list and select Informz for netFORUM Enterprise.

Select the desired Personalization Code.

Click Insert.

Personalization codes appear with the following format:


Note that the data to complete the code is not stored in Informz. Rather, it is retrieved directly from netFORUM Enterprise just before the mailing is sent.

Using Copied Mailings

If you are sending a mailing that was copied from a previously-created mailing, the mailing references the previously-used target group. Likewise, if this target group was not built from a netFORUM Dynamic Query list, then you cannot select the personalization fields.

Once you change the target group for the mailing to a netFORUM Dynamic Query list, then the netFORUM personalization fields display.

Modifying Personalization Fields

You can make three different changes to netFORUM Enterprise personalization fields:

  • Remove from display.
  • Change the display name.
  • Change the default value.

Navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration and click List of Attributes.

The Attribute window opens.

Click Edit next to the desired personalization to modify it.

Click the Personalization checkbox to remove the personalization from display.

Enter text in the Display Name field to change the Informz display name for the personalization.

Enter text in the Personalization Default field to create a default value for the personalization. This value populates when there is no information available in this field for the subscriber.

Make it a Personal Experience!

Personalizing a mailing is quite simple and adds significant value to your communications. Don't be afraid to get creative with personalizing - using the right piece of data can really catch your readers' eyes and help to engage them with your message.