netFORUM Pro Troubleshooting

Every so often, you might run into trouble with your integration. As always, you are encouraged to reach out to your Advisor if you need help. However, here are some common issues that might save you a phone call.


You can give Informz special entry to your firewalls. It’s an exception, or rule, which allows traffic from the Informz firewall to pass through your firewall and be connected to the integration database that lives on a server inside the your network. Sometimes this exception is absent, or the exception isn’t forwarding Informz from the your firewalls to the correct server. The connection, or linkage between you and Informz, may be down if either of those things happen.

Down Connection

The Check Connection link ensures that Informz can connect with netFORUM Pro. Any issues identified by using this page require support from Informz, which the Advisor can facilitate.

Messaging Jobs Not Appearing in Informz

Sometimes new messaging jobs do not appear right away in Informz because they stay in Pending state without being synced to Informz. This is generally due to Abila caching a messaging job list if it was recently updated in netFORUM Pro.

Also, messaging jobs will not come over to Informz if your account does not have a user with Administrator privledges.  Double check that you have a user with the correct privledges.