netFORUM Pro Target Groups: Details and Info

Informz provides a convenient way to view all significant information related to a netFORUM Pro target group. Let's see how.


Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Click the Folders dropdown list and select your desired folder.

Hover over the Menu icon and select Info to open the Info pop-up. Here, you can view many different metrics about your target groups across several different tabs. These include:

  • Overview: The number of total subscribers in the target group as well as recent data about mailings.
  • Counts: Total counts for Subscribers, Unique Emails, Repeat Bouncers, and Total Active Subscribers.
  • Metrics: Key metrics & statistics about the mailings for this target group (Unique Opens, Clicks, Mobile Percentage, etc.)
  • Subscribers: A list of all subscribers in the target groups with links to each subscribers record.
  • Active Mailings: A table of all active mailings that include this target group.
  • Sent Mailings: A table of all sent mailings that include this target group.

Statistically Significant

When you take a look at the wealth of data and statistics that accompany each target group, you'll be able to fine-tune your mailings to maximize their effect!