netFORUM Pro Target Groups

The messaging job in netFORUM Pro is part of the eMarketing module. The integration between netFORUM Pro and Informz uses this job as a way to create the target groups that are gathered by Informz. Contacts from netFORUM Pro flow into Informz through user-created queries. Let’s take a deeper look.

Queries and Messaging Job

You use the eMarketing Setup Wizard to create queries (which later become target groups in Informz). The Abila support team will setup the configuration change that activates this connection with Informz. The two required settings to establish the connection are the Email Provider and the Email Provider URL settings. Once these are configured, all queries from the wizard will go to Informz.

Every messaging job has an associated opt-out category. This information is passed to Informz and is displayed under the target group name.

Step 1: Recipient Type and Query

There are two types of queries available: “off-the-shelf” queries from Abila and custom queries. These queries group data within Recipient Types.

The queries displayed are dependent on the chosen Recipient Type.

To create a query, navigate to Modules > eMarketing > Messaging Jobs > Messaging Job Setup Wizard.

Click the Recipient Type dropdown list to select the recipient for your mailing.

Click the Query dropdown list to select an additional filter for your mailing. Note that some queries have parameters that will further filter the mailing – these parameters will not become part of the Informz Target Group.

Step 2: Name the Messaging Job

You can set three parameters for the messaging job:

  • Category: The message category.
  • Query ID:  A shortened name that both represents the messaging job and provides the Informz target group name.
  • Description: optional text used to provide details about the messaging job.

Step 3: Confirmation

Click Save to save and confirm your query or Cancel to cancel it.

netFORUM Pro displays a confirmation message. Click Click Here to redirect to Informz.

Other Notes

If a messaging job is created or changed in netFORUM Pro, the target group list in Informz must also be refreshed. Click Refresh Target Group List in Informz to update the changes.

Target Groups in Informz cannot be deleted if they are used in a compound target group that is in a scheduled mailing.

Target Groups

As above, netFORUM Pro eMarketing Wizard queries are used as target groups in Informz. These queries display in Informz by their respective netFORUM Pro Recipient Type names as a Target Group Type. These names are displayed in alphabetical order in Informz alone.

The Target Group Type cannot be edited in Informz because it is received from netFORUM Pro.

Target Group Types

There are eleven different Messaging Job/Target Group types for use with Informz:

  • Certificant
  • Committee Participant
  • Customer
  • Donation Purchase
  • Event Registrant
  • Exhibit Contract
  • Individual
  • Member
  • Membership Dues
  • Organization
  • Subscriber

On The Job

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