netFORUM Pro Syncing

Sync, short for “synchronization,” is the term used for the process where Informz receives and sends information to and from netFORUM Pro. There are two types of syncs available in this integration:

  1. Retrieving the list of messaging job queries (along with the list of all personalization fields) from netFORUM Pro.
  2. Retrieving the subscribers from a particular messaging job query from netFORUM Pro.

Syncs occur for an individual target group. They retrieve all of the individuals from netFORUM Pro from a specific messaging job query.

There are six events that trigger a sync between Informz and netFORUM Pro:

  1. User logs into Informz: A sync will occur if thirty or more minutes have passed since the last sync of the list of netFORUM Pro target groups and the list of personalization field names. This sync will update the list of target groups and the available attributes to be used for personalization if and only if the integration is active and the user is not an Informz staff person.
  2. User clicks Refresh Target Group List for a netFORUM Pro Target Group Folder: This causes Informz to request the list of messaging jobs and personalization fields from netFORUM Pro. This does not update the counts for the list (updating list counts occurs by using the Resync Target Group menu option for a specific target group).
  3. User clicks Refresh Target Group on the Bridge Configuration page.
  4. User clicks Resync Target Group on the Count Details page to sync subscribers.
  5. You publish a mailing via Informz that includes the target group.
  6. The UPI Nightly Sync takes place in Informz and any of the following conditions are met:
    1. The list was created in the past seven days.
    2. The list was used in a mailing in the past 90 days.
    3. The list was part of a compound group used in the past 90 days.

Clicking Refresh Target Group List can be useful if you recently created a number of new Marketing & Communication lists in netFORUM Pro, but you are not seeing them in Informz. Remember, however, that this button does not refresh the counts in each target group.

Refreshing Target Groups

There are two ways to refresh the target groups to trigger a sync.

  1. Navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups. Select a netFORUM Pro folder and click Refresh Target Group List at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration. Click Refresh Target Group List in the Target Groups section.

Simply Sync

The Informz sync is the cornerstone of the integration: it augments your existing Informz data and adds significant value to your netFORUM Pro data. If you make sure that you stay synced, you'll make sure that your data always matches up perfectly!