netFORUM Pro Send Mailing

Sending a mailing to a netFORUM Pro target group is simple! In fact, it follows the process for sending a mailing through Informz so precisely, that all you need to do is specify your target group as a netFORUM Pro target group and you'll be ready to go. Let's look at the basic steps.


Create a mailing in Informz (click here for more information).

In the Set-up tab, scroll to the Envelope heading and click the To field.

The To Information pop-up opens. Click the Select Target Group for the entire mailing radio button.

Click the Folder and Target dropdown lists and select a Target Group Folder and Target Group respectively.

Click Update to save your selected target group.

Targeting Like a Pro!

Once you've set up your To field with the desired target group, you'll be on your way to leveraging the power of netFORUM Pro and Informz to create some amazing mailings. See what you can create!