netFORUM Pro Personalization

Personalization takes data from your netFORUM Pro and inserts it into a mailing story, subject line, friendly from, from email, or reply to email. netFORUM Pro personalization fields are determined by the Target Group Type. If the Target Group Type has never had an associated target group, the personalization for that type will not exist in Informz.

netFORUM Pro provides fields from the various Recipient Types for use with personalization. The data associated with these fields is not stored locally in Informz – it remains in netFORUM Pro. The mailing draws the personalization information from netFORUM Pro just before it is sent.

The code uses the format %%WSI||FIELDNAME||######%%.  (Where the '######' = the Informz Target Group ID).  The data to fill the code is retrieved from netFORUM Pro during the mailing send process.


The List of Attributes in Informz displays all fields from netFORUM Pro that you can use for Personalization. Each attribute is defined by a set of information fields. You can edit the following fields: Internal Name, Comment, Display Name, and Personalization Default. You cannot edit the Data Element field.

If you do not wish to use an attribute, uncheck the Attribute Use checkbox.

To access the Attributes page, navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click List of Attributes (also leads to edit).

The Attribute List opens where you can view and edit every personalization available from netFORUM Pro.

How to Select a Personalization Field

Select a personalization field by using the Personalization toolbar button.

Click the Personalization button to open the Insert Personalization Codes pop-up.

Click the Select a Personalization Type dropdown list and select Informz for netFORUM Pro.

Select the personalization code you wish to use and click Insert.

Adding Default Values

netFORUM Pro personalization fields can include an optional default value. These are useful for fields that may be blank but require a personalization (e.g such as First Name can carry the default “Valued Subscriber”).

To add default values, navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click List of Attributes (also leads to edit).

Click Edit for the desired attribute from the Attribute List.

Enter a Personalization Default.

Click Submit.

Additional Notes

Abila has determined the netFORUM Pro personalization fields for the integration, and custom personalization fields are not supported. However, if you would like an additional personalization field, you can open a ticket with Abila to request an additional merge field for Informz. Someone from Informz can then schedule time to add the field to the Informz side. This is an easy process for Informz, so reach out to your Advisor for more information!