netFORUM Pro Overview

The Informz for netFORUM Pro integration provides an effective way to harness the strengths of netFORUM Pro and Informz for effective and efficient eMarketing campaigns. Using Informz provides valuable deliverability services, advanced reporting, and campaign consultation from a dedicated Informz eMarketing Advisor.

The integration allows you to create highly-targeted and personalized mailings using information about members generated from a seamless integration with netFORUM Pro.

The Informz for netFORUM Pro integration delivers the following functionality:

  1. Retrieval of lists of Messaging Job queries from netFORUM Pro.
  2. Retrieval of Messaging Job details and counts from netFORUM Pro.
  3. Automatic and manual syncing of target group lists.
  4. Use of netFORUM Pro fields for personalization.
  5. Unsubscribe writeback.
  6. Resubscribe writeback.

Be a Pro

The integration between Informz and netFORUM Pro brings a whole new dimension to the level of email marketing a netFORUMPro user can perform. There are huge benefits to having extensive deliverability resources and in-depth reporting services at your finger tips. Make sure you take advantage of these great features.