netFORUM Pro Opt-Out

Opting out is a way for subscribers to remove themselves from a particular target group. By doing this, they will no longer receive mailings associated with that particular topic or subscriber preference.

netFORUM Pro has an opt-out tracking mechanism called Messaging & Opt-Out Categories. This is used in the Messaging Job Wizard to exclude a set of individuals from a query. Users are able to edit/maintain their own opt-out options by using the E-mail Opt-Out link for an individual. The individual/subscriber can also access this page when using the Opt-Out/Manage Preferences link within an Informz mailing.

Any changes that the recipient makes to these categories are recorded in netFORUM Pro. This information is not stored in Informz. Therefore, the opt-out group must be included when the messaging job/target group is created in netFORUM Pro.

How To Add a New Message Category

Navigate to Modules > eMarketing > Overview > Setup.

Click the Arrow Button to expand the Messaging & Opt-out Categories heading.

Click ADD on the right side of the Message Category.

Enter any necessary information and click Save to make the message category available.

How To View the Opt-Out Form

Locate and view an individual record in netFORUM Pro (Modules > CRM > Individuals).

Click the Pencil (Edit) icon and select Edit Email Opt Out.

Any unsubscribed categories display with the associated checkboxes checked (unchecked boxes remain subscribed).

Opt-Out Management Link

When you enter an opt-out link in your mailing template, you access a direct link provided by Abila. This link is found by navigating to Admin > System Setting and scrolling to the Opt-Out Management heading. It ultimately provides a preference management form for subscribers to use.

Preferences Matter

Having a good strategy to manage your subscribers' preferences is very important to a successful email marketing strategy. Doing the extra work to ensure that your netFORUM Pro queries appropriately include and exclude preferences creates a much better experience for your subscribers.