netFORUM Pro Non-Informz Features

Let's look at some of the non-Informz features that netFORUM Pro includes.

Built-In Email

Because netFORUM Pro has had its own email marketing component for some time, some vestiges of this “built-in” functionality remain. This remains true even with Informz enabled as the Email Provider. While these settings can be used for ad hoc list mailings in netFORUM Pro, Informz does not use them. netFORUM Pro continues to be the default email marketing vehicle for ad hoc and mailing list mailings.


A Template in netFORUM Pro is a combination of the layout along with specific content. However, this feature is not needed for the integration because the creation of templates and mailings is done in Informz. When viewing an Individual record in nFP, there is an envelope icon in the upper left corner of the screen. Clicking this icon allows users to select a Template and Recipient Type (a categorization used to pull together appropriate data for querying and personalization) for a “one-off” mailing. Because this does not go through the Wizard, this is completely functional in nFP.


netFORUM Pro has its own events module; mailings are an integral part of the module. You can create an invitation and mailing and an automatic confirmation mailing (a triggered mailing from netFORUM Pro that occurs after registration – similar to the functionality in Informz).

List Sources

The list source for mailing lists and prospect lists are currently not supported in the integration.