netFORUM Pro Email Settings

There are two settings in netFORUM Pro needed for Informz to be the email option. These are the Email Provider and Email Provider URL settings. The Email Provider option changes the Messaging Job Wizard to connect with Informz. The Email Provider URL is the path to the Informz login page. This is used on the Confirmation page of the Messaging Job Wizard.

How To View the Email Provider Options

In netFORUM Pro, click the eMarketing Tool.

Click Overview.

Choose Overview and Set Up.

Scroll down to view the eMarketing System Options.

Expand the view by clicking the inverted triangle to display.

  • EmailProvider: Informz
  • EmailProviderURL: Informz Account URL

How To Check the Connection

In Informz, navigate to Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration.

Click Check Connection to view the connection results.

Connection Made!

With these two settings verified, you can use Informz with netFORUM Pro for a very effective email marketing partnership.