netFORUM Pro Built-In Email

netFORUM Pro has a built-in email system, and, as a result, you can send email from both netFORUM Pro AND Informz. Here are the specifics you need to take into consideration:

  • If you are using the integration, and you are creating emails using the eMarketing Setup Wizard in netFORUM, these emails will always be sent from Informz.
  • When you send an email from netFORUM, there is an envelope icon that displays when viewing a list result, mailing list result, and search result.
  • All transactional mailings will be sent from netFORUM, not Informz. These ignore the do not contact by email checkbox. Anything attached to the shopping cart is a transactional mailing. There is an option to turn off the email confirmation, but this is confirmation is "on" by default.
  • You can create and send correspondence through netFORUM. You will need to use a Messaging Template to do so (mass marketing mailings are always sent via Informz; other mailings are still sent via netFORUM if desired).
  • Informz cannot advise you on how to send emails unless they are directly related to our integration. If you need support or guidance on how to send an email out of netFORUM (using a method other than the eMarketing Setup Wizard), please reach out to Abila directly.

Tools in your Tool Belt

Selecting the right tool for the right job, is something to be taken into consideration as you assess the netFORUM Pro email tool and Informz. If you have any questions, please contact your Advisor so that you fully understand the differences so you can make the best decision for your organization.