nFE 2014 & 2015 Overview

The Informz for netFORUM Enterprise integration provides an effective way to extend the value of netFORUM Enterprise 2014 or 2015 and harness the strengths of Informz for effective and efficient eMarketing campaigns.

The Informz approach to the integration provides a clean user experience by allowing netFORUM Enterprise to remain the database of record, and sharing information between the applications as needed and in real time. Using Informz provides valuable deliverability services, advanced reporting, and campaign consultation from a dedicated Informz Advisor. 

Clients use netFORUM Enterprise’s Query Builder tool to create queries that will be used by Informz as target groups to send mailings to a list of recipients. Informz will periodically, and on request, retrieve these lists and the records in the list via a sync.

Integration Overview

The Informz for netFORUM Enterprise integration delivers the following functionality:

  1. Retrieve a list of dynamic queries from netFORUM Enterprise from Customer and Audience
  2. Retrieve a filtered set of dynamic queries for a specific Informz child account
  3. Retrieve individual subscribers for the target group list
  4. Automatic and manual syncing of target group lists
  5. Use of netFORUM Enterprise fields for personalization in a mailing
  6. Mailing Activity writeback to individual records in netFORUM Enterprise 
  7. Unsubscribe/Resubscribe writebacks to individual records in netFORUM Enterprise

netFORUM Enterprise has built-in email functionality as part of its baseline product. This can be used to send a mailing to a single contact or a list. These mailings can either be marketing-oriented or transactional (i.e. an acknowledgement of a purchase or an event registration). This functionality remains enabled in netFORUM Enterprise.