NBAA’s Series of Successful, Record-Breaking Events with Informz Campaign Management

June 24, 2015

Have you ever felt like you could use an extra set of hands in your office to help out when things get busy? How about when a staff member is out on extended leave – then you really­ could use some assistance. It happens to every organization. What’s your “back-up plan?”

At Informz, we’re always ready to jump in and assist with your marketing campaigns whenever you need it. I recently worked with Jason Wolf, Director of Internet Communications at The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA), when a staff member was out on maternity leave.

Jason oversees the association’s online efforts, including its websites, social media channels and email marketing, so he knew the importance of getting someone to step in and help out with emails. Here’s what Jason had to say about the Informz Campaign Management experience.

Chris Scavo, Informz: What prompted you to connect with us about campaign management services?

Jason Wolf, NBAA: Our challenges were happy ones. We experienced a mild baby boom at NBAA, with a marketing director and web designer both on family leave with their newborns. The timing wasn’t the best, however. They were both out of the office as we ramped up marketing efforts for more than a dozen events on three on continents.

CS: Those are happy challenges. We have a baby boom of ourselves going on at Informz! But wow, three continents. What preparations did you make before your colleagues were out?

JW: Before she left for baby duty, our marketing director worked with her team to develop a well-organized plan of more than 200 email marketing efforts to targeted audiences during this five-month window.

CS: 200 emails? That’s impressive. How about the web designer? What would the gaps be while she was out?

JW: Our web designer is our primary creator of mailings in Informz though, and typically worked through rounds of revisions and approvals for every mailing. We reached out to Informz for help filling her shoes, bringing them into the loop to create a few mailings before her leave began, so we could guide them through our mailing templates and process.

CS: Tell me about the organization process for each mailing.

JW: We had already developed an email content worksheet to gather the important elements for each mailing – body copy, subject lines, sender information, targeting, etc. We made an effort to have our marketing team use this worksheet diligently, since they couldn’t just walk down the hall to talk through a mailing.

We also used the built-in Informz reviewer process to help organize feedback, and limit the rounds of test mailings. With some planning and discipline, the transition to working with Informz to create mailings was seamless and completely drama free.

CS: That’s great to hear. What was it like working with our campaign management team? What did you learn through this process?

JW: Email marketing is a key component of our event marketing strategy, so the direct benefit working with Informz was a series of successful, record-breaking events.

Beyond this, the exercise of working with Informz helped us learn to be more focused and structured when compiling mailing content. It’s a simple thing, but in the past, we might have needed to ask for missing pieces to set up a mailing – “What’s our subject line?” then later “Who is this mailing going to?” By organizing that information up-front in our email content worksheet, we avoided some unnecessary back-and-forth.

Also, by having our marketing team focus on these elements up front, I think our mailings became more effective.

CS: Congratulations on the record-breaking events! What advice would you give to other organizations in similar situations?

JW: Babies happen. And new projects, and staff vacancies, and a million other unexpected things. I would definitely recommend Informz for short-term fill-in work, and for ongoing support if you don’t have an in-house email marketing design team.

Your email design work was consistent with our brand standards, technically strong and lightning fast. We missed our web designer while she was on leave, but with Informz support, we didn’t miss a beat with our event marketing plan.

CS: Thanks, Jason. It was a pleasure working with your team!