Social media changes quickly, and one part of being a social media expert involves finding the relevant content in the vast sea of posts available! Remember, you want to focus on the engagement your content receives and generates. Informz’s Socializer allows you to watch and analyze the comings and goings of the social web through the Monitor section. Here, you’ll be able to catch any mentions of specific keywords, your organization, your clients, etc. Additionally, you’ll find it easy to filter by different sites and sentiments.

With these features in mind, let’s take a high-level look at the different ways you can monitor within Socializer.


Like the Engage section, the Monitor section gives you a way to directly interact with social postings. However, the interactions in the Monitor section are geared specifically toward observation and analysis. For example, rather than “liking” posts, the Monitor section lets you set a “sentiment” for different posts, helping you (and Socializer) determine which posts carry the greatest relevancy.

You can use any of the following interactions:

  • Like: Like the post from your social account.
  • Set Sentiment: Use the following icons to set the posting sentiment.
    • Positive (Thumbs Up Icon)
    • Neutral (Face Icon)
    • Negative (Thumbs Down Icon)
  • View Source: Navigate to the source website for the posting.
  • Mark Irrelevant: Set the message as irrelevant (this opens a confirmation prompt).
  • Translate: Translate the post to English.
  • Assign: Assign a corresponding task to one of your social account users.
  • Repost: Repost the message using the Compose Feature (New Message).

New Monitor (Keywords and Review Site)

Adding a New Monitor option lets you create a highly-focused filter for your monitoring efforts. Most of your monitoring occurs via keywords or review sites.


Searching is a quick way to monitor activity on Facebook and Twitter. Click Search on the left sidebar to open this page. Here, you can click either Facebook or Twitter to view the feed from either social site.

Socializer saves any searches you enter in the Search field so that you can further refine your results. Additionally, you’ll see any trending searches, hashtags, etc.

Finally, Socializer provides a Word Cloud that displays the most popular terms in the social posts you monitor.

Monitoring is Key

Monitoring is your window into the social media world. By staying on top of everything going on in this ecosystem, you'll gain the information you need to better engage your audience.