Modify an Existing Mailing

Inspiration strikes at the strangest times, especially when you least expect it. This tends to be true with any creative endeavor – literature, music, painting, and yes, even mailing design! Fortunately, when you create a mailing, you have the option to return at a later date and make any changes necessary (inspired or not).

Note that while you can’t modify something you’ve already sent, you have free reign over anything that is currently in progress! This includes any mailing that is in the In Progress or Review status. Let’s look at how to modify an existing mailing.


Navigate to Mailings > View.

Click the tab where the mailing resides (this example uses the In Progress tab).

The Mailing Designer will open. Here, you can access any of the designer tabs and make any changes/modifications you need!

That’s It!

While it is quite simple to modify an existing mailing, the need to do so arises very frequently. So remember: when inspiration strikes (or maybe the need to change something more practical, like a target group, friendly from, or mailing frequency), you’ll know exactly where to go!