Mobile Tab

While most of your landing page work will be completed in the Design tab, it is critical to understand the functions of the other tabs in the Landing Page Designer. These tabs, while dependent on the work you do in the Design tab, contain features that allow you to complete the landing page process.

In this article, you'll learn about the Mobile tab.

The Mobile Tab

The Mobile tab allows you to optimize your layout for a mobile device. You will not add any elements to this design – they are all inherited from the Design tab. However, you can freely resize the existing elements inside the layout area and change their position. Additionally, you can work with the Style Flyout Menu (Any styles you change are shared between the Design and Mobile tabs).

Reset Mobile

The Reset Mobile button allows you to adjust and reorder all items on the mobile version after you’ve made changes on the Design tab. They are automatically placed in the order they were added. Please note that you’ll still need to manually rearrange these items on your final mobile version.

The first time navigate to the Mobile tab has the same effect as clicking Reset Mobile - the items on the Mobile tab are automatically ordered.

Powerful Mobility for Mobile Design

We live in a mobile world, and Informz's landing pages are no different. By optimizing the look and feel of your landing page for cell phones, tablets, etc., you'll ensure that you have the mobility needed to navigate an ever-changing information ecosystem.