MemberSuite Syncing

Sync is the term used to describe the process by which Informz receives information from MemberSuite. The Informz for MemberSuite integration supports two types of syncs:

  • Retrieving the list of MemberSuite searches.
  • Retrieving the subscribers from a particular search within MemberSuite.

There are four events that trigger a sync. These occur when a user:

  • Clicks Refresh Target Group List for a MemberSuite target group.
  • Clicks Refresh Target Group List on the Bridge Configuration page.
  • Clicks the Info menu option on the Target Group List page.
  • Sends a mailing to a MemberSuite target group.


Syncing the List of Searches

Syncing the list of searches retrieves all active Individual searches from MemberSuite.

In Informz, navigate to Subscribers > Target Groups.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Refresh Target Group List.

Note that this does not update the counts for searches. To update the counts, hover over the Menu icon for a target group and select Info.


Syncs occur for an individual target group. These syncs retrieve all customer records from MemberSuite for that specific search.

From the Info pop-up (see above), click Resync Now on the Overview tab to resync a target group.

To view a list of subscribers, click the Subscribers tab in the Info pop-up. Note that the Remote ID (which corresponds directly to the MemberSuite Customer Record ID) can be included as a column in Informz. This is especially useful when trying to ensure that you are working with the correct record in Informz.

Harmonious Data

Now that you know how to keep your data properly synced between Informz and MemberSuite, make sure that you come up with a strategy to maintain the perfect harmony between the databases!