MemberSuite Target Groups

Once you've identified a list of people that you'd like to send a mailing, you need a way to create that list in MemberSuite. You do this by creating a Search and then saving it. Informz uses that search as the basis for a target group.

Informz requests email recipients from a saved search in MemberSuite. Each time the individuals from the search are requested, MemberSuite reruns the query, ensuring that Informz has the most current list. 

Newly created searches coming into Informz as target groups, are initially placed in the MemberSuite folder in Informz. These can later be moved to different folders based on your preferences.


Create a Search in MemberSuite

Navigate to CRM > Search for CRM Records. This begins the search.

In the What are you searching for? prompt, enter the following values:

  • Category: CRM.
  • Record Type: Individual.
  • Retrieve a Search: Start with a fresh search.

When ready, click Continue & Customize Search.

Enter Search Criteria

To further refine your search, you’ll need to add different criteria to your search. Remember, your search becomes a target group in Informz!

Select the desired fields and operators to create the search criterion. When complete, click Add Criterion to include it.

If you need additional criteria, repeat this process until ready.

The integration does not require specific fields (output columns) in a search to create the target group nor does it require any sorting parameters. You may use the default values for each of these sections.

Click the Output Results dropdown list and select Directly to my web browser as the Output Format.

Saving a Search

Click Save this Search at the bottom of the page.

On the new page, enter a name for the search and select the Access Level. Both Public and Private Individual searches will be brought in to Informz.

Click Save this Search to finish. Your search becomes a target group in Informz.

Searching for Target Groups? Look No Further!

Because your MemberSuite searches become target groups in Informz, you'll never need to look far away to find the exact group you need. Additionally, once you have your target groups in place, you can be certain that they'll stay current when syncing - check out the related articles for more details!