MemberSuite Overview

The integration between MemberSuite AMS and Informz takes the advantages of both systems into a powerful eMarketing team! The integration dynamically syncs individuals on a saved search in MemberSuite, allowing for targeting with laser-precision. Furthermore, you can personalize your mailings with sixty default personalization fields, and you can add custom personalization fields as well. Finally, this integration supports both unsubscribe and resubscribe writebacks.

This integration delivers the following functionality:

  1. Retrieve a list of searches from MemberSuite.
  2. Sync target groups, which include MemberSuite search details and counts.
  3. Use MemberSuite fields for personalization of Informz mailings.
  4. Perform unsubscribe and resubscribe writebacks.

New Dimensions to eMarketing

The integration between Informz and MemberSuite brings a whole new dimension to email marketing. From deliverability benefits and resources to robust reporting, you'll find that you have everything you need to bring your campaigns and engagement efforts into a whole new stratosphere!