MemberSuite Cached Personalizations

Informz allows remote personalization fields to display in your Informz accounts as table columns. These personalizations are ultimately cached in Informz, and they refresh once a week (through a weekly behind-the-scenes process) or manually. When enabled, these personalization fields appear as selectable columns in any subscriber listing, and you can preview data in those fields.

Activating Cached Personalizations

You must select the fields you wish to cache from the List of Attributes page (Admin > Setup > Bridge Configuration).

You can select up to 20 fields (you’ll receive an error if you attempt to select additional fields).

As above, selected personalization fields sync weekly. Additionally, you can sync on an ad hoc basis by clicking Refresh Personalization Cache on the Bridge Configuration page.

Testing Personalizations

To test your integrated personalizations, open the Target Group information pop-up window and click the Subscribers tab.

Click Columns and add the personalized field that you wish to preview – simply click the Plus Sign (+) that corresponds to the personalization you wish to view.

Click OK to save your changes. Now, when you view the columns, you’ll see all the personalization fields with the appropriate previews.

One More Thing

When you publish a mailing to a remote subscriber, Informz uses the personalization values that have been cached!