Maintaining Personas and Scoring

Goal: Once you have started adding Personas and setting your scoring metrics, this article will give you some ideas of things to look out for and be mindful of to make sure that the Personas and Scoring are still giving you the best and most accurate picture of your subscribers.

Building Personas and setting scoring metrics take a little time and thought initially. However, when you are finished, you'll have an easy way to profile your subscribers, target them more specifically, and assess if they are interacting with you in the way you had hoped. You’ll want to revisit them from time to time to make sure that they are still giving you the best over-all picture of your subscriber base.

Changing Personas

The types of subscribers that you attract and the traits that they share may change over time. Revisit the Persona profile that your created for them to make sure that you are still properly summarizing this group. Have there been any industry changes that may affect how you profile your subscribers? Make sure to update the Persona info. Also make sure that you are still using the most appropriate target groups for your Personas. Switching integrated databases, newly incorporating Inform Web Tracking, or finding access to any new forms of data may have given you a way to create a target group that better represents the users that should be in a specific Persona.

Changing Scoring Metrics

Over time, your Informz benchmarking may update and change. Make sure that you are reflecting any of those changes with your scoring metrics (if you based scoring criteria off of opens and clicks). Also be mindful of your scoring reports. If most of your subscribers are under-performing, you may need to relax the criteria on which you are scoring them to make it more realistic. In turn, if you see everyone scoring with an "A" letter grade, you may want to make your scoring criteria more aggressive. Identify new areas for your subscribers to improve in how they interact with you, and build scoring metrics that will realistically measure that.

Winds of Change

Your subscribers are really just people. People can change, which means that your subscribers can change. How you want to target them, how they behave, what they expect of you and what you expect of them can change. Change is going to happen and if you are making sure to reflect those changes in your existing Personas and Scoring metrics, your will ensure a clearer picture of who your subscribers are, and how they are interacting with you.