Maintaining Campaigns

Goal: Once you have started building campaigns, this article will provide you with some best practices and tips for things to look for to keep your campaigns running as smoothly as possible.

When a campaigned is well planned and executed, it should be able to run properly on its own until the end date. When a process like this is automated it’s very easy to "set it and forget it," but that’s not in the best interest of the campaign. If there is ever a problem with the campaign, you'll want to know as soon as possible so that you could fix it, right? Monitoring and maintaining your campaign will give you the ability to spot any warning signs that a problem may arise. Knowing some best practices and just what to look for can save many headaches later on.

Keep It Simple

Once you have launched a campaign you have the ability to stop and edit it when the need arises. Streamlining campaigns is not a bad idea, but be careful not to go too far in the other direction by extending the purpose of the original campaign! Expanding a step here or there may be necessary, but if you continue to build on one campaign needlessly, you will increase the complexity. This can make your campaigns harder to edit and this can confuse your reporting. If you have deviated from the main purpose, consider breaking larger campaigns into smaller, more easily managed campaigns.

Best Practices

Here are some other things to keep an eye on:

  • Watch your campaign reporting for any drastic spikes or dips in certain metrics. Has the average time it takes someone to go through the campaign severely sped up or slowed down? Is there a drop in the delivery rate? Are you much farther away from achieving a goal set for the campaign than you expected?  Don’t wait for a problem before you look for it.
  • Is your branding correct? For any long term campaigns, don’t forget to update the campaigns if there are any changes to your branding. You may be using the same templates for your regular mailings that you are using for your campaign mailings. If you edit a template for a regular mailing, that template will also update for any campaign mailings that were built with it.
  • Make sure to reflect any schedule changes in your campaigns. Dates and times for events, meetings, and deadlines often change, and if they affect any of the steps in your campaign, make sure to update the time frames for your Wait Steps as well as the Start and End dates of the campaign.
  • You can still send yourself and internal team members through campaigns while they are active, and should do so from time to time to verify that they are having the user experience that you want for your subscriber.
  • When you are looking at subscribers going through a campaign, a subscriber is considered to be unique based on an email address (not on a remote ID).

Automate Smarter, Not Harder

The goal of automating any process is to make it easier. Automated campaigns should make your work easier, but it won’t eliminate the need to monitor and maintain. People go to the doctor for check-ups, cars go to mechanics for tune-ups, and campaigns go through reviews and monitoring to ensure that they work properly! Don’t wait for a problem - proactively watch your campaigns and update them when needed to prevent problems and give yourself peace of mind.