Maintaining a Good Sender Reputation

If getting messages delivered to your subscribers is important to you, then your sender reputation should always be something in the forefront of your sending strategy! Sender reputation is typically built on the IP you are sending from; this is similar to your credit history where your reputation is built on your "spending" or in this case, sending habits. If you don't follow best sender practices, such as sending only to opted in lists, sending at a consistent volume, or following email content rules, then your reputation could be negatively impacted.

Remember, if your sender reputation is poor, then your deliverability is likely to suffer as a result. To avoid falling into any bad habits, let's take a look below at some recommendations that help you maintain a positive sender reputation!

Techniques to Maintain a Good Sender Reputation

  • Ensure that the domains you use through Informz use the proper sender authentication.
  • Send at a consistent volume. Try to avoid significant spikes and dips in frequency and list size.
  • Maintain an active list of engaged subscribers as well as opt-outs and unsubscribers. Remember that you will not send to opt-outs and unsubscribers!
  • Check your mailing content for spam triggers (exposed URLs, short links, excessive image use, suspicious subject lines, etc.)
  • Unsubscribe hard and repeat bouncers (Informz has an auto-unsubscribe feature that can help!). Also, provide a clear way for recipients to unsubscribe from your mailings. Recipients are less likely to mark an email as spam when this is easy to do! Periodically test the functionality of your opt-out/unsubscribe process to ensure that it is working correctly.
  • Run a monthly report to understand the reasons your recipients have chosen to unsubscribe from your mailings.
  • Avoid using any lists that have not been directly obtained by your organization. These may contain spam trap email addresses and increase complaints.
  • Always send your mailings out in the smallest possible batches. You can use our distributed mail option and target your message to smaller groups!
  • Remember to send mailings to your subscribers in a recognizable pattern (use similar Friendly From lines and Addresses, send at a consistent frequency, etc.).

Final Thoughts

As you can see, taking your sender reputation seriously can involve many different tactics, including choosing content that does not trigger spam filters. However, once you get into a good pattern and find out what works for your organization, you'll build confidence and trust with your recipients!