Mailings 101

If you're looking to create a mailing in Mailing Designer 2, you've come to the right place. Let's look at the main parts of the interface.

Mailing Designer 2 Interface

There are four tabs in Mailing Designer 2:

  • Template: While your mailing always begins with a template, you can select a new template for your mailing from this tab. Just keep in mind that changing template can affect your Mailing Content Areas (your Mailing Content Areas may not migrate perfectly to the new template).
  • Design: Here, you'll add and edit stories in your mailing.
  • Options: This tab lets you control the key properties for your mailing, such as its name, target group/recipients, to and from addresses, and subject line.
  • Review & Send: Here, you can preview different versions of your mailing, double-check your personalizations, and set your sending options.

Additional Resources

There are several resources in the Informz KnowledgeBase about Mailing Designer 2. For additional resources, please check out the related articles or see this category!