Mailing Summary Report (MSR) Overview

As you master your email marketing strategies, you’ll inevitably want to understand the high-level metrics from many different mailings. Informz’s Mailing Summary Report (MSR) is here for you. It is your birds-eye view of all of your mailings in one convenient, searchable package.


To find the MSR, navigate to Mailings > Mailing Summary Report.

If you would like to narrow your summary results, use the Filter Mailings options. There are several different ways to filter the MSR:

  • Accounts: Select the parent and/or child accounts to use.
  • Folders: Select the folder where the desired mailings reside.
  • Target Group: Narrow your results to mailings sent to a specific target group.
  • Mailing Name: Narrow your results by the mailing’s name.
  • Mailing Subject: Narrow your results by the mailing’s subject.
  • Date Range: Select mailings within a specified date range.
  • Number of Recipients: Use the slider to identify the minimum and maximum number of recipients for a mailing in the results.
  • Templates: Select one or more different templates used to build mailings.
  • Accounting Codes: Select one or more different accounting codes associated with a mailing.

Additionally, using checkboxes next to each individual mailing, you can include or exclude mailings as necessary.

Click View Reports to view the summary details for your selected mailings.

What Can I Do with This Report?

The MSR is especially useful when you would like to the net results from several different mailings with a common feature. For example, if you have been sending two different mailings, each with unique templates, to the same target group, you can look at results based on these criteria to garner a high-level understanding of what is going on!

Additionally, using the “drilldown” reports on the View Reports tab, you can dive deeper into the information and get a granular feel for how each metric affects your mailings.

You Have the Power!

The MSR contains a lot of information, so take a little bit of time to determine which metrics are important to you and your organization. Remember, this small investment in the beginning can yield remarkable results in the future. After all, knowledge is power, and the power is at your fingertips!