Mailing Reporting Overview.

One Informz most robust features is its reporting suite. With a few simple clicks, you'll have a world of mailing data at your fingertips. Every open, click, forward, etc. is tracked in Informz, and by carefully reviewing this data, you can gather key insights about your audience and their reactions to specific mailings.

Mailing Activity Report

If there is only one report to know in Informz, it’s the Mailing Activity Report. Every time you send a mailing, Informz creates a corresponding report with the metrics for that mailing. While you may be eager to see things right away, try to let 24-48 hours elapse before reviewing a report. This gives enough time for most subscribers to have a chance to interact with the mailing. Remember, Mailing Activity Reports are specific to individual mailings!

To access a specific mailing's activity report, hover over the Menu icon immediately to the left of the desired mailing.

Select Report from the resulting list.

The following tabs are available in each report:

  • Snapshot: A high-level view of all major benchmarks and statistics.
  • Key Metrics: Any key statistics regarding your mailings.
  • Details: Granular details about many different reporting options ranging from deliveries to open rate to web tracking, etc.
  • Published Mailing: A view of the published mailing along with a heat map that lets you view the mailing locations that had the most user-interactions (links, etc.).
  • Options: Shows the meta-data associated with the mailing (subject, dates, addresses, etc.).

Mailing Summary Report

While Mailing Activity Reports give you a good look into individual mailings, sometimes you want a birds-eye view of everything! This is where the Mailing Summary Report comes into play. This report offers a view of all your mailings in one convenient, searchable package.

Navigate to Mailings > Mailing Summary Report.

If you would like to narrow your summary results, use the Filter Mailings options. You can include or exclude mailings as necessary.

Click View Reports to view the summary details for your mailings.

It's All in the Details!

Reporting is one of Informz's most powerful features. In fact, the reporting capabilities are so powerful (one could say "mighty!") that this article just scratches the surface of what you can find. Always feel free to take a look at the finer details of reports - they provide you insights that you might otherwise be unable to discern. Additionally, check out the KnowledgeBase to learn even more about reporting. Finally, as always, your Advisor is here to help you understand reporting. And hey, with all these resources at your disposal, you'll become a reporting expert!