Mailing Designer Overview

Creating a mailing is the heart and soul of Informz! Odds are pretty high that this why you are using Informz, and learning how to use Informz effectively is extremely important to empowering you to do what you need to do. Equally important are the planning steps you take to ensure that Informz is optimized for your use and for the betterment of your organization.

There are many things you can do to help your overall use of Informz. Before we cover the Mailing Designer itself, let's take a look at two specific things: planning and coordination.

Planning a Mailing

We’ve made creating, testing, and sending a mailing easy – so easy that you can jump in and start creating! However, while this approach may have its merits from time to time, a little bit of planning really goes a long way in your overall email marketing approach.

The amount of planning you need may vary from mailing to mailing. A daily update consisting of one or two stories needs a different amount of planning than a quarterly newsletter with a variety of stories, authors, and reviewers. The takeaway here is to develop a planning process that ensures that everyone involved in the production process understands his or her role, the mailing timelines, and expected conversions or goals to attain.


If you have multiple people sending mailings in your organization, you’ll need some extra coordination so that everyone understands the publication schedule. Many organizations use spreadsheets, SharePoint sites, or even web-based project management applications to facilitate this communication. Using tools like the tentative send date and the mailing calendar in Informz will certainly help everyone stay organized and on track. Additionally, if you have multiple Informz accounts, you can use a rolled-up view of all your child accounts in the parent account.

Mailing Designer Tabs

The mailing designer is built around four tabs: Set-Up, Design, Test, and Send. Each tab can be viewed as a step within the overall mailing process. Each tab is covered in greater detail in the subcategories listed at the end of this article.

Create Away!

Now that you have a good sense of the process, create away and be sure enjoy creating all the wonderful mailings that your organization needs to be sent to members, donors, customers, or anyone else in your ecosystem. Learn more about each step of the way in the following subcategories: