How to Save as HTML

As wonderful as the Informz designer tools are, there may be times when you need to access the underlying HTML for a mailing. Maybe it's to perform a larger find and replace exercise, or perhaps there's some very specialized tracking code provided to you as a HTML snippet. You can use the Save as HTML feature to work directly with a mailing's HTML for final preparation.


Navigate to Mailing Designer 2.0 > View to see the list of MD2 mailings

Hover over the mailing you wish to copy to HTML

Select Save as HTML from the hover menu

Click on Ok after reading the warning message

A copy of the mailing, with "- HTML" added, is created in the current folder. Note that the type is From HTML to indicate that subsequent editing occurs in the HTML editor and not in the drag and drop design tools.

Just So You Know...

Please note that the Save as HTML option can be executed multiple times, each time creating a mailing with the same name. Edit the mailing and rename it to ensure that you have uniquely named mailings to work with going forward.

Once a mailing has been saved as HTML, it cannot be subsequently edited with the drag and drop designer tools. This is a one-way ticket to HTML land.

Everyone's Invited!

The Save as HTML option might just be that one feature needed for the HTML aficionados on your team to get on the Informz marketing automation bandwagon. This option is a great way to get the best of both designer worlds!