View Duplicate Records in the Send Tab

Before you send your mailing, it is a good idea to look over the information in the Set-Up tab. While Informz only ever sends one copy of a mailing to an email address, it's good to understand if you have a lot of duplicate email address building up. Follow these instructions to take a quick peak before you press the send button!


Navigate to the Send tab in the Mailing Designer.

Under the Target Group section, select the link View subscribers receiving this mailing

A new window appears. Under the section, Subscribers Removed you will see Duplicate Emails and directly next to that the number of duplicates.

To view the duplicate emails, click on the number and a new window will appear with the information.

It never hurts to double check...

This is the last place that you will be able to check over your target group before you send the mailing. Use it your advantage by taking this one last step!