Mailing Activity Report - Published Mailing Tab

When viewing the Mailing Activity Report, you can view the online version of the published mailing. Here you can see the entire mailing along with a heat map that shows where subscribers have clicked. This gives you a truly unique perspective on how the mailing appears to your subscribers and how they interact with the different links. Ultimately, the heat map can help you identify the prime real estate for link placement in your mailing.


Navigate to the Mailing Activity Report > Published Mailing tab.

A heat map displays over the mailing. The key to the heat map is in the upper left hand corner.

The warmer colors indicate more clicks while the cooler colors indicate fewer clicks.

Reporting is Key!

By understanding the points in your mailing where your subscribers interact, you can improve your layout and content. These insights are extremely valuable when you move forward, revise, and refine your mailings.