Mailing Activity Report (MAR) Overview

If there is only one report to know in Informz, it’s the Mailing Activity Report (MAR). Every time you send a mailing, Informz creates a corresponding report with the metrics for that mailing. While you may be eager to see things right away, try to let 24-48 hours pass before reviewing a report. This gives enough time for most subscribers to have a chance to interact with the mailing. Remember, MARs are specific to individual mailings!


To access a specific MAR, hover over the Menu icon immediately to the left of the desired mailing.

Select Report from the resulting list.

The following tabs are available in each report:

  • Snapshot: A high-level view of all major benchmarks and statistics.
  • Key Metrics: Any key statistics regarding your mailings.
  • Details: Granular details about many different reporting options ranging from deliveries to open rate to web tracking, etc.
  • Published Mailing: A view of the published mailing along with a heat map that lets you view the mailing locations that had the most user-interactions (links, etc.).
  • Options: Shows the meta-data associated with the mailing (subject, dates, addresses, etc.).

Subscribers and Subjects and Links, Oh My!

Reporting is one of Informz’s most powerful and vivid capabilities, so make sure that you take a look into the different features at your disposal. There’s a lot of information available for each mailing, but don’t let this overwhelm you. Once you have a handle on the metrics that are important to you and your organization, you’ll be a reporting expert in no time at all!