Mailing Activity Report Details Tab Overview

The Details tab of the Mailing Activity Report (MAR) shows both subscriber-level and related non-subscriber reports. Here, you'll find categories and subcategories that filter your report into useful sections. Let's look at some of the common features to each of these sections.

Common Features

The following items are common to all Informz reports in the MAR:

  • The Search button allows you to filter all listed results to a subset of selected records.
  • Click Reset to clear your search filters.
  • The Columns button allows you to add/remove columns. All columns in the list view are sorted by column headers. These are customizable.
  • Click Export to export the top 10,000 rows of the report into Excel. If you need additional rows, use the search feature to divide your report into subsets.
  • Click Target to create an On the Fly target group.
  • Click Filter to filter by target group.
  • Click any row with one subscriber to open the Subscriber Pop-Up.

Learn More!

The MAR contains a veritable wealth of information for any email marketing pro (just like you!). Make sure to check out the related links so that you have a firm understanding of everything you can learn.