Mailing Activity Report Automatic Sharing

The Mailing Activity Report is one of Informz's most powerful tools, and sharing this report can yield some equally powerful insights. Because of this, Informz makes it easy to automatically share the report when you publish a mailing. Let's take a look at how.


Navigate to the Mailing Designer's Set-up tab and expand the Advanced section.

Click Edit or the associated input field to open a new window with checkbox to automatically send invitations to view the report for the mailing.

Checking this box opens the full window. Users can input the email addresses for sharing the report. There is also a window to input a message to the user that appears on the email invitation to view the report. Additionally, there is a checkbox that allows the invited users to view the Details tab for the report.

Click Update to save your changes.


Make sure you take some time to think about who can best benefit from sharing the Mailing Activity Report and include those individuals when you share it. The insights and ideas you receive in return could help guide your future initiatives.