Locking Templates

It's probably no surprise that having a well-designed template that reflects your organization's style guide and message is critical! In fact, Informz templates are one of the most consistent parts of your email marketing efforts; they act as the "letterhead" or "stationery" for your mailings.

To relieve you of any worries about whether or not a template's design might go awry, Template Designer features a simple way to "lock" any template before it is used in a mailing. This prevents any stylistic changes to that template by the person creating the mailing from that template.

Locking Styles

To lock a template, begin by navigating to Mailing Designer 2.0 > Templates and either open an existing template or create a new one.

Open the Theme menu.

Check the prevent style edits in mailing checkbox at the top of the menu.

The prevent style edits in mailing checkbox is always displayed on the top of the Theme menu.

Text Properties Editor

Locking a template limits the text properties editor in Mailing Designer by removing the options to modify text color, text size, and font family.

This first image shows the text properties editor for a template that has not been locked:

The next image shows the text properties editor for a template that has been locked:

Locking Mailing Content Areas

Like styles, you can also lock/restrict mailing content areas. You can set the following properties:

  • Maximum Number of Stories: Click the dropdown list to select a maximum number of stories for your mailing content layout. By default, this is unlimited, but can be restricted to a number (1-9) if necessary!
  • Maximum Number of Columns: Click the dropdown list to select the maximum number of columns (1-5) that you can add to the mailing content layout in the mailing designer when adding stories.

Additionally, you can set your mailing content area to use specific story types. In your template, click the desired story type(s) before you save. Your allowed story types are highlighted in green. Any story types that are not selected cannot be added to the corresponding mailing content area.

Rest Well!

Your organization's branding is a big deal! Now, you can sleep soundly knowing that your template design is preserved through the entire mailing creation process. As a bonus, by setting styles and story types up front, you'll save the people creating your mailings a lot of time - they won't need to wrestle with design decisions and can focus on creating content that is sure to captivate your subscribers!