Locate an RSS Feed URL

RSS feeds allow you to pull content from outside sources to be placed into a mailing. RSS feeds contain XML data and must be pulled from a source that has the RSS capability. This is typically indicated by a signal icon on the website:

Let's look at how to locate the RSS Feed URL for later use.


Navigate to the website or blog where you wish to pull content.

Once you find the RSS signal icon, click to retrieve the URL.

The icon directs you to the feed URL.

This is the URL that you'll use when creating an RSS feed in your mailing.

One More Thing...

Always remember that by incorporating an RSS feed in your mailing, you are effectively adding a "snapshot" in time. It is not dynamic and does not update in real time.

Really Simple!

Now that you know where to find the RSS URL, check out the related articles to learn more about how to incorporate RSS feeds into your mailings.