Link Survey on Web Page

There are times when you want to use a broader survey to gather information. In those situations, you probably won't know all of the survey-takers. Alternatively, you may wish to offer an anonymous survey so that the respondents can feel free to share their opinions without fear.

You do that in Informz by using just the survey link.


To post a link to the survey in a mailing (without linking to the subscriber), on your website, or on social media channels, go to the Live tab.

Select the URL in the Live Survey Link column.

Paste the copied URL into the desired location.

This method does not connect back to an individual subscriber in your Informz account. These responses will all be considered to be anonymous. If you do want to track your survey response back to a particular subscriber, use the insert Survista Pro hyperlink method.

Link Up Anywhere!

Keep in mind that when eliciting responses to a public survey, it's likely that the same person will take the survey more than once. Make sure that you factor that into your planning. This may alter your expectations of the pool of respondents taking the survey.

Put your survey link anywhere and watch the results pour in!