Layouts - Table of Contents

A Table of Contents (TOC) is a classic way to organize content. In Template Designer 2 (TD2), you can build a TOC using a layout. Let's look at the different parts of the TOC layout.

Adding a Table of Contents

As with all Template Designer layouts, you can drag and drop your TOC onto the canvas. Simply click-and-hold the layout, drag your cursor to your desired location, and release.

When you release, your layout becomes part of the template and is ready for editing.

TOC Properties

There are several properties that you can control in your TOC, but keep in mind that you won't see any story titles populate the TOC until you create a mailing using your template. Instead you'll see several sample stories in their place to help you see the formatting to expect when you design your mailing.

Your TOC’s editable properties are divided into two tabs:

  • Content
  • Style


The content tab contains a modified rich text editor where you can add and stylize text. The editor itself reflects the background and text color that you’ll see in your mailing.

To enter text, simply type in the editor. To stylize text, highlight your desired text and apply styles from the rich text editor’s toolbar. Note that you won't edit the TOC headings in the editor; these are automatically added in MD2 (see below).

Please see this article for more details about the rich text editor. Note that the TOC toolbar does not contain an option for Numbered or Bulleted Lists.


The Style tab lets you apply high-level styles to the story titles that populate your TOC. By default, each checkbox is checked.

  • Bullet: Enter a character to use as the list bullet. You may only insert one character. TD2 uses a hyphen as the default character.
  • Use Default Line Height: Check to use the default line height. Uncheck to open a dropdown list where you can customize the line height.
  • Use Default Font Size: Check to use the default font size. Uncheck to open a dropdown list where you can customize the font size.
  • Use Default Font Family: Check to use the default font family. Uncheck to open a dropdown list where you can select a unique font family for this style.
  • User Default Text Color: Check to use the default text color for the TOC links. Uncheck to open a color picker where you can select a unique color..
  • Use Default Text Decoration: Check to use the parent text decoration (for hyperlinks). Uncheck to select no text decoration (none) or underline.

Populating the TOC

While you won't notice it directly in TD2, the TOC automatically populates when you create a mailing using a template with the TOC layout. Each time you add a story, you'll have the option to add that story to the TOC.

In the Text Properties Content tab, check the Show in Table of Contents checkbox. The panel expands to reveal the Story Title field. Enter the title you wish to display in the TOC when the mailing sends.

You do not need to display every story in the TOC; Informz only lists those that you designate.

Putting it Together

Once you have your TOC in place and you've designed your mailing, you're ready to see your TOC in action! When you look at your mailing preview on the MD2 Review & Send tab, your TOC renders fully populated.

Remember that testing is one of your most valuable tools with TOCs. If something looks as though it has gone awry, testing lets you catch it before it's too late!