Layouts - Sections

Sections help you define the structure of your template. Similar to a table structure, sections help define the overall format of your mailing. You can drag and drop all layouts (including Mailing Content Areas) into sections. Let's take a look at what they can do.

Adding Sections

As with all Template Designer layouts, you can drag and drop your sections onto the canvas. Simply click-and-hold the layout, drag your cursor to your desired location, and release.

When you release, your layout becomes part of the template and is ready for editing.

Section Properties

There are two tabs that let you define section properties:

  • Columns
  • Style


The Columns tab lets you subdivide your section. You can select between one and five columns, and you can set their proportions using the Column Dimensions slider.

Check the Stack Columns in Mobile Version checkbox to let your columns render differently in the mobile version of you mailing. When checked, any columns you have orient vertically (see the images below).

Three-Column View in HTML Version:

Stacked View in Mobile HTML Version:


  • Use Default Background: If checked, your section uses the background color set in the Theme menu. If unchecked, you can use the color picker to select a unique color for the layout’s background.
  • Border: If checked, your section applies a border with several possible settings.
    • Border Style: Click the dropdown to select a solid, dashed, or dotted border.
    • Border Size: Click the dropdown to set the border size in pixels (1-10).
    • Border Color: Click to use the color picker to select a unique color for the layout’s border.
    • Apply Border To: Check the corresponding checkbox for each side (top, bottom, left, and right) that uses the border.

  • Banner: Check to extend your section to the edges of the mailing body.
  • Padding: Click the dropdown list to set the padding around your section (0-30 pixels).
    • Apply Padding To: Check the corresponding checkbox for each side (top, bottom, left, and right) that applies padding. 

  • Banded Background: Click the icon that represents your desired “banding” effect.
    • Select Default to keep your layout within the mailing body.
    • Select Banded to extend your layout to the edges of the page.

  • Vertical Align: Click the dropdown list to set a vertical alignment option (top, middle, or bottom).

Nested Sections

Unlike other layouts, you can nest sections within one another. To do so, simply drag one section into an already-placed section.

By nesting sections in this way, you can create sophisticated designs.

Deleting Sections

To delete a section, click the delete icon.

Be wary, however! When you delete a section, you’ll also delete all layouts nested within that section!

Stay Organized

By using sections, you'll keep your mailing organized, and you'll be able to apply different properties (background, padding, etc.) to the other layouts that reside within those sections. And, as above, you can even drag sections into other sections, letting you create intricate and elegant structures in your template.