Layouts - Quick Links

The Quick Links layout allows Template Designer users to create a group of stylized hyperlinks. Each hyperlink can be stylized individually.

Adding Quick Links

As with all Template Designer layouts, you can drag and drop your Quick Links onto the canvas. Simply click-and-hold the layout you wish to add, drag your cursor to your desired location, and release.

When you release, your layout becomes part of the template and is ready for editing.

Top-Level Properties

Content Tab

Check the Stack on Mobile Version checkbox to have the links behave responsively on mobile devices and clients.

Click the Separate Links With dropdown list to select a separator for your links:

  • Nothing
  • Colon
  • Hyphen
  • Vertical Bar
  • Image

If you select image, you’ll have the option to upload a custom image. Note that using a large image as a separator can cause rendering issues. As a best practice, use small images when possible.

Click the Up or Down arrows to rearrange the links.

Each of the links that you add (to a maximum of eight) has an associated text properties editor where you can customize the specific link (just make sure that you set the text as a hyperlink with the hyperlink icon!):

Click Add Quick Link to add a new link.

Style Tab

The Style tab lets you modify the look and feel of your quick link layout.

  • Border: If checked, your quick link layout applies a border with several possible settings.
    • Border Style: Click the dropdown to select a solid, dashed, or dotted border.
    • Border Size: Click the dropdown to set the border size in pixels (1-10).
    • Border Color: Click to use the color picker to select a unique color for the layout’s border.
    • Apply Border To: Check the corresponding checkbox for each side (top, bottom, left, and right) that uses the border.

  • Padding: Click the dropdown list to set the padding around your quick links (0-30 pixels).
  • Alignment: Click the dropdown list and select the alignment (left, center, or right).
  • Spacing: Click the dropdown list to set the spacing between each of your links (0-30 pixels).

Quick and Easy

Like Button layouts, Quick Links let your subscribers navigate to additional content outside of your mailing. And, because the layout presents these links in a straightforward way, your subscribers won't have any confusion about what they mean.