Layouts - Mailing Content

Mailing content layouts (aka "mailing content areas") are the heart and soul of your template – they are the areas that eventually contain all the unique and wonderful content that you’ll share with your subscribers! There’s a lot that you can do with these layouts, so let’s dive right in.

Adding Mailing Content Layouts

As with all Template Designer layouts, you can drag and drop mailing content layouts onto the canvas. Simply click-and-hold the layout you wish to add, drag your cursor to your desired location, and release.

When you release, your layout becomes part of the template and is ready for editing.

Mailing Content Properties

  • Maximum Number of Stories: Click the dropdown list to select a maximum number of stories for your mailing content layout. By default, this is unlimited, but can be restricted to a number (1-9) if necessary!
  • Maximum Number of Columns: Click the dropdown list to select the maximum number of columns (1-5) that you can add to the content layout in the mailing designer.

Select Allowed Story Types

There are several different story types that users can add to a mailing content layout in the mailing designer. By default, these are unrestricted, and users can add any of the available story types. However, if you need to restrict story types (such as only allowing Text stories in a particular mailing content area), all you need to do is click the desired story type(s) before you save your template. Your allowed story types are highlighted in green.

Note that you can also add any Custom Layouts that you have designed to your mailing content layouts.

Before You Save…

Always remember that your template must have at least one mailing content layout. Without one, you won’t be able to add new content to your mailing!