Layouts - Icon Set (Social Icons)

Because social media is everywhere, you'll want to make it easy for your subscribers to connect with your social media sites. Template Designer has a layout that features social icons (Icon Set) to let them do just that! Let's take a look.

Adding Icon Sets

As with all Template Designer layouts, you can drag and drop your icon set layouts onto the canvas. Simply click-and-hold the layout, drag your cursor to your desired location, and release.

When you release, your layout becomes part of the template and is ready for editing.

Icon Set Properties

Your layout's properties are divided found in two tabs:

  • Content
  • Style

Content Tab

In the Content tab, you can modify the layout’s social icons as well as their image and behavior. The layout contains the following social icons by default:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

Click the Up or Down arrows to rearrange the social icons.

  • Image: A preview of the social icon image (that shows image width and height in pixels). Click Choose Another Image to select a new image.
  • Hyperlink: The image hyperlink. Click Edit Hyperlink to add/modify the hyperlink.
    • Hyperlink Type: Click the dropdown list to select the hyperlink type.
    • URL: Enter the URL.
    • Name: The hyperlink name (used for web tracking).
    • Disable Tracking (Checkbox): Check to disable web tracking for this hyperlink.
  • Alt Text: Enter a text name for the social icon (used in the text version of the mailing).

Style Tab

The Style tab lets you modify the look and feel of your social icon layout.

  • Border: If checked, your layout applies a border with several possible settings.
    • Border Style: Click the dropdown to select a solid, dashed, or dotted border.
    • Border Size: Click the dropdown to set the border size in pixels (1-10).
    • Border Color: Click to use the color picker to select a unique color for the layout’s border.
    • Apply Border To: Check the corresponding checkbox for each side (top, bottom, left, and right) that uses the border.

  • Padding: Click the dropdown list to set the padding around your layout (0-30 pixels).
  • Alignment: Click the dropdown list to set the horizontal alignment for your layout (left, center, or right).
  • Spacing: Click the dropdown list to set the spacing between each social icon (0-30 pixels)

Don't Forget!

Like all layouts, the icon set layout has built-in responsive design elements to ensure that it renders properly across different devices and clients.