Landing Page Testing

Testing allows users to see how landing page looks and allows them to get a feel for how they work. There are different test behaviors for the different landing page types (subscriber/profile form, content-only, and unsubscribe form). Let's look at how testing works.


There are two ways to access a landing page test.

  • Hover over the Menu icon and click Test.
  • Click either Test Landing Page or Test Mobile Landing Page from the Activate tab.

A new test page opens with your landing page content. The page indicates that it is in Test Mode and that test data submitted on the subscription/profile form is saved to your account as though it was a live form.

In this example, click Submit to submit test data in the form.

If the form does not redirect, a pop-up opens indicating that submission was successful.

Forms with additional processing settings (specified on the Process tab) use these settings to manage form behavior. For example, auto-subscribe interests are saved for the subscriber. If a redirect is specified, the subscriber is taken to that location. Regardless of the specified actions, reports that reflect these activities show the test actions as events in the report (i.e. actions taken on a test form are recorded in the corresponding report).

Content-Only Pages

Because there is no processing for content-only pages, the test simply displays the page.

Unsubscribe Forms

Unsubscribe forms are handled slightly differently because they generally contain pre-populated information about a subscriber. When testing an unsubscribe form, the form shows a default placeholder for the email form item

When in test mode, clicking Unsubscribe will not submit the form. Rather, it displays the following message:

Note that this action creates an unknown user record in your landing page reports.

Integrated Preference Management (IPM) Considerations

Processing forms that use IPM to manage remote interests also work on a landing page form. In cases where the subscriber is known before the form is displayed, only those fields that are appropriate to the subscriber are displayed. Changes are sent back to the remote system using the IPM writeback.

Pop Quiz

Though they're not the pop quizzes you remember from high school, landing page tests are extremely useful. Testing is a ultimately a simple process that lets you take a first look at your landing pages before you share them with your subscribers.