Landing Pages Embedded in iFrames

A landing page form can be embedded in an iFrame; this will allow your organization to collect information from your website into Informz. Read on to learn about the iFrame embed code, but note that the iFrame embed code is supported only for subscriber/profile forms and content-only forms


Navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages.

Select an In Progress landing page and click the Activate tab.

The iFrame embed code is displayed. You can copy this code for use on your website.

Make sure you copy the code before you activate your landing page. Once the landing page is activated, it is not possible to navigate to the Activate page until you deactivate the landing page (placing the landing page back in the "In Progress" state).

Note that the provided code does not include all possible iFrame tag attributes, and users will likely need to edit the tag code when embedding it in a web page. For example, the height and width attributes need to be set to display the iFrame at a proper size to house the form.

Subscribers who fill an iFrame hosted form should receive follow-up mailings. Notifications will also be sent.

If subscribers visit a web page with an iFrame multiple times, they will not be reloaded into Informz.

iFrame of Mind

Embedding an iFrame version of your landing page on your website is a great way to increase engagement in concert with Informz. With just a little bit of code, you can incorporate everything you need to bring on new subscribers!