Landing Pages and Redirected Files

Informz's landing pages give you an excellent tool to provide content to your subscribers. This is especially true when providing files immediately after a subscriber signs up for your mailings. By redirecting these subscribers to predefined content, you ensure that they get everything they need to remain engaged. For example, you may want to send a welcome packet as a PDF to your subscribers once they complete the form. With the redirect feature, this is a cinch. Let's learn how.


Creating a Form that Redirects to a Landing Page (Start to Finish)

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages.

Click Create.

Design your Desktop and Mobile Landing Pages. When ready, click Save at the top of the designer.

Enter the Name, Filename, Folder, and Description for your landing page.

Click Save.

The Process tab becomes active upon saving. Click this tab and scroll to the Redirect the user heading.

Click the dropdown list and select File.

Drag a file into the dotted field or click inside it to add a file. If you click inside, navigate to the file location and select your desired file. Click Open to load it.

Click Save.

When you activate the landing page, your subscribers will redirect to your uploaded file after they submit their information.

Testing the Redirect

Before you activate your landing page, you'll almost certainly want to test the redirect to make sure that it is working properly.

Navigate to the Landing Page Designer > Activate tab.

Click Test Landing Page to open a test version of your form.

Complete the test form and click Submit.

The test page will redirect to the uploaded file. Subscribers can download the file from their browser.

As necessary, repeat these steps for the Mobile Landing Page by clicking Test Mobile Landing Page.

Adding a File to an Existing Landing Page

Navigate to Marketing Automation > Landing Pages.

Hover over the Menu Icon next to your desired landing page and select Edit.

Click the Process tab and scroll to the Redirect the user heading.

Follow the steps from the process above above to upload a file.

Click Save.

Click the Activate tab. Perform any tests you need. When ready, click Activate Landing Page to publish your landing page for your subscribers.

Other Notes

  • If you need to change the redirect file, click Reset under the Redirect the user heading. This removes the existing file. 
  • You cannot put spaces in PDF file names if you want to link to them from a landing page. This appends the URL and breaks the link.
  • Be mindful of your filenames. If your filename is particularly long, it may be truncated!

Heading in the Right (Re)Direction!

Giving your subscribers additional content through your landing pages is a great way to keep them active and engaged. Remember, every time someone subscribes to your mailings, you've taken another step in the right direction! To learn more about landing pages, check out the related articles.