Landing Page Webinar Subscriptions

Webinars an extremely popular engagement tool for organizations, and having the ability to let your subscribers register for a webinar via an Informz landing page allows you to increase your outreach!

Note, however, that an individual landing page can only support one webinar session (multiple webinars or multiple sessions are not supported).

You can add webinars to Subscription and Profile Form landing pages. Let's take a look at the details.


Design Tab

In the Design tab, Personal Info fields have the option to become a dropdown Webinar Registration Field. You can access this feature with the Gear icon. There are three available options:

  • Blank/Empty
  • First Name
  • Last Name

Note that Informz requires First Name, Last Name, and Email Address for webinar registration (email address is automatically captured from the default Email field on the form).

If you select either First Name or Last Name from the dropdown list, the field is automatically set to Required.

Process Tab

On the Process tab, there is a Register the user for a Webinar heading. This contains a dropdown list of all eligible webinars. Within this section, there is also a help link called Can’t find the right webinar? Click this link to open a dialogue with a list all ineligible webinars (e.g. webinars that already took place, inactive webinars, etc.). Click Refresh Webinars in this dialogue to refresh the list.

If a previously-selected webinar is no longer considered eligible, you’ll receive a message noting that you’ll need to select a different webinar.

Webinars are eligible when they meet all of the following conditions:

  • The webinar belongs to an active organizer within the active webinar integration (if either the integration or the organizer are inactive, the webinar does not appear).
  • The webinar is in the future (users cannot register for a historic webinar).
  • The webinar does not require custom registration fields. In GoToWebinar, organizers can require registrants to enter additional fields (beyond First and Last Name). Currently, Informz does not support these fields, and including them excludes the webinar from the list.

If a webinar is unavailable, click Can't Find Your Webinar. This opens a window that indicates which webinars are unavailable.

Test and Live Views

Informz registers subscribers for the webinar immediately after they submit the landing page. This is followed by a confirmation message (on success) or an error message (if there was a problem registering). Note that subscribers can register for the same webinar multiple times (duplicate registrations are ignored).

Webinars - Bringing Ideas Together

Whether you're hosting a quick presentation, an expert lecture, a product demonstration, or a deep discussion, webinars are an amazing way to bring in people from all over the world into a single, real time community. Using Informz's landing pages, you can ensure that your webinar registrants are properly targeted via your mailings so they are prepared and so that their participation extends beyond that brief moment and into the future!