Items - Videos

One fantastic feature of Landing Pages is the ability to embed YouTube videos. Note that Informz will not directly host videos, but will let you play them on your Landing Page (all embedded videos must come from a non-Informz source).

You have the freedom to choose between including video controls or autoplay. Only one video can autoplay - you cannot set multiple videos to autoplay (see below).

Note that you cannot view videos in the Landing Page designer; you will only see a placeholder. You can, however, view videos in test mode or in the live forms.


Click VIDEO in the Layout Elements menu.

Enter your video's URL in the provided field. Click Add to add the video

The video is now added to your Landing Page; it displays as a placeholder image in the designer (see image below).

In the designer, click the Blue Gear icon attached to the video placeholder to modify it. You can modify the following properties:

  • Video URL
  • Autoplay (Yes/No)

Special Considerations

Currently, Informz will only support YouTube videos. Here are some rules to consider when embedding a video:

  • The URL must be a direct URL to the video on YouTube (not to a channel or a top-level page). If you use an invalid URL, you will receive an error message. If you enter invalid URLs, the placeholder box will display in the designer. No video will play when the page is tested or live. Always test pages containing a video to ensure that the intended video plays correctly.

  • Only one video on a page can be set to autoplay. If a page contains multiple videos, and the user user sets a video to autoplay, any attempts to set a second video to autoplay will produce a warning message.

Going Viral

With so many videos "going viral" these days, you might want to add a video to your Landing Page. Who knows, your video could be the next big thing on the web...